Faith and Food – Ethnic Church Dine-Around

While traveling around Historic Cumberland, you will enjoy rich colonial and religious history and delicious foods from the ethnic roots of the churches visited.  Stops may include:

  • St. Peters and Paul’s Catholic Church (circa 1849) -German strudel.
  • St. Paul’s Lutheran Church -German sausages.  This congregation dates back 200 years in our community.
  • Centre Street United Methodist -English soup and salad. One of the oldest Methodist congregations in Western Maryland.   OR
  • First Baptist Church -American soup and salad. Used as a Civil War hospital.
  • Emmanuel Episcopal Church -English main course, Shepherd’s pie. The church is built on the site of Fort Cumberland.  Tour the church that displays beautiful Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass windows, be inspired by a song of faith by a vocalist, and explore tunnels under the church that George Washington’s  soldiers built for protection from Indian attack and were later used as part of the Underground Railroad. One hour church tour.  Vocal concert optional.
  • St. Patrick’s Catholic Church -Irish dessert . The church began in a log cabin in 1791 on the same site as the present day church, built in 1851. OR
  • B’er Chayim Temple -Jewish dessert. This temple is the one of the oldest  continuously operating temple in Maryland (early 1800’s).