Acne Treatment: Which Option Would Be Best for You? 

Indeed, beauty is in the skin, but you will need to take care of it. Perhaps it would be right to remind you of the words of Karen Grant. She once said, ‘Skin care is akin to dieting. You have to put in time and effort, as there is no instant miracle.’ Things can only get worse for you if you become vulnerable to acne.
Acne is indeed one of the most significant issues that people face. From psychosocial to psychological effects, you will hardly want to end up with this condition on your face. It is in this light that we take a look at three critical solutions to this problem. They include the following.

i. Salicylic acid

The use of salicylic acid has grown in the recent past. It is a beta-hydroxy acid that is critical in removing excess oil and exfoliating dead cells from your skin surface. This solution comes in handy when you have whiteheads, which highlight a zit with a white spot in the middle.
Usually, whiteheads are a product of clogged pores. This type of acne involves the follicles being plugged with oil and dead skin cells. This salicylic acid steps in to dissolve the dead skin on the surface, which then opens up your pores.

ii. Benzoyl peroxide

Did you know that hormonal acne could be a little difficult for you to handle? For instance, some people get this breakout whenever they are in their menses period. That implies that instability in specific hormones could result in the overproduction of oil in the skin. This overproduction will result in the oil not only settling on the surface but also creating zits.
This peroxide will be handy in keeping your hormone in check. You could find it in a gel, prescription drugs, oral pills, or creams. The dermatologist will determine which option is best, depending on the severity of your situation.

iii. Spot treatments

Spot treatment should be a routine for your skincare. It will often be vital in ensuring that pimples and acne dry out and disappear much sooner. The procedure has proven to be valuable when handling inflammatory acne.
Inflammatory acne involves pimples that come with both yellow and white liquid filled in them. While they might resemble whiteheads, they tend to be more provocative. Always ensure that you do not pop them up. arti nama

iv. Cortisone injection

This treatment is what you need if you have cystic acne. It will suffice to mention that cystic pimples appear not only angry and huge but are also multiple on the face. These pimples could be a product of either hormonal or genetic stimulation. This injection will make sure that oil production in the skin remains in check. You could also consider benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid during this time too.

Acne treatment is indeed one of the most daunting processes. Unless you are conversant with the type of acne you have, effective therapy could remain a mirage. With the insights above, however, you will be more confident in handling your issue.

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