Skincare Mistakes Women in Their 40s Make

As you turn 40, your skin goes through several changes. The decrease in estrogen begins, and this might lead to drier and itchy skin overall. Also, get ready for the arrival of less firm and more saggy skin as the years go by. If that’s not bad enough, you might see your first wrinkle or two while you’re in your 40s. Age spots start to appear, and they might look darker than you would like them to be. It is for these reasons that you need a solid and effective skincare regimen. However, not all skincare treatments are the best. Here are some skincare mistakes that women over 40 make.

Not Changing Your Regimen

One mistake women in their 40s make is sticking to the routine they maintained while in their 20s. As you enter your 40s, you will need products that offer the additional vitamins, collagen, and moisture you need to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Products that contain vitamin C and a high-quality exfoliating scrub should also be a part of your regimen. Ask your dermatologist about the best brands for anti-aging benefits.

Failing to Wear Sunscreen

Because you’re more susceptible to sunburn as well as skin cancer as you age, it is unwise not to wear sunscreen regularly. Some people believe that if you put on sunscreen in the morning, you’re covered for the day. This isn’t true because you’ll need to apply sunscreen throughout the day for the best protection. Even if your sunscreen contains high SPF, it might not be enough. It really depends on how consistent you are with using sunscreen daily.

Lack of Water Intake

Water has several benefits for your skin. Water hydrates your skin overall and this could reduce the acne on your face although it isn’t the only acne treatment. Other benefits of water on your skin include a reduction in wrinkles, better complexion, a decrease in puffiness, and tighter skin.

Not Visiting Your Dermatologist

You don’t need to visit your dermatologist for every skin issue, but when you ignore potential skin problems altogether, this could ruin your skin for a long time. In addition, you can gain insight on how to best take care of your skin from a trained dermatologist. He can also perform procedures that will make you appear younger.

Inefficient Sleeping Habits

With more people working from home, it is tempting to skip bedtime in order to get as much work done as possible. However, a good night’s sleepis healthy for your skin as you age. Your eyes will be less puffy, there will be more pep in your complexion, and it decreases sagging skin. Try to get much of your work and household tasks at least two hours before bedtime.

In conclusion, when you avoid these skincare mistakes, you can enter your 40s with amazing skin for years to come.

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